In the community

Passionate about the health of New Zealanders

At GlaxoSmithKline we are passionate about the health of New Zealanders and work to embody a set of values that define our spirit. We are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who are proud of GSK’s history and continue the legacy through our commitment to bringing innovative medicines and healthcare products to all New Zealanders.

Because we take our commitment to improving the lives of New Zealanders seriously, we support a number of organizations that offer local communities a brighter and healthier future.

We also make numerous small contributions to various organisations whose goals and objectives reflect our mission of improving the quality of New Zealander’s lives.


GSK NZ Joins forces with the Stellar in the battle against Methamphetamine

The partnership between GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (NZ) and anti-methamphetamine charity, The Stellar Trust was formed in early 2010 to bolster the Trust’s efforts to help eradicate the use of methamphetamine, more commonly known as ‘P’, and  limit the harm it causes to New Zealand society.

The objective of the partnership is to widen the outreach of the Trust’s schools education programme so that further intermediate and early high school students can understand the devastating impact  that  P can have. 

With the $70,000 grant from GSK, the Stellar Trust is now able to provide a drug education facilitator to present to at least 50 New Zealand schools a year. Presenter Pat Buckley has the credibility and experience to engage thousands of students on the subject of making smart choices around drugs and alcohol.

Visit the Stellar Trust website.


New Zealand

Our products

In 2007, our total community investment was valued at £282 million

GSK in communities around the world

In the communities where we operate, we support a wide range of initiatives that focus on improving health and education, critical areas were we can really make a difference. Around the world, some examples our community partnerships include:

  • UK
    • Independent living programme for young people with disabilities
  • USA
    • A programme across six states to help high risk and homeless children receive the specialist medical care they need
  • Europe
    • Residential camps in Ireland and France where seriously-ill children can have fun and develop their self-confidence
    • Care for children with incurable illness in Romania
  • Rest of world
    • A programme to reduce infant death from preventable illness in Ethiopia
    • An initiative to train midwives from rural areas in Vietnam

Global health programmes

In communities around the world, people affected by certain diseases face stigma and discrimination, disability and a vicious cycle of ill health and poverty.

In the developing world, diseases that can be prevented, managed or cured cause significant suffering and mortality due to a lack of basic knowledge and inadequate health services.

We support activities to tackle these diseases through donations of medicines, financial and practical support.