Our company

We strive for excellence in the following key areas of our business:

Optimising the performance of our products

Both our Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare businesses focus on ways to improve the return from our intellectual property by maximising sales of our products. Our activities include: achieving sales force excellence achieving Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare marketing excellence maintaining the highest ethical standards improving the cost-effectiveness of operations.

Delivering the product pipeline for patients

We aim to create the best product pipeline in the industry for the benefit of society. This includes developing a focused strategy to support the pipeline and manage the full life cycle of compounds from launch as prescription medicines through to potentially becoming over-the-counter products.

Being the best place for the best people to do their best work

We are committed to creating the best place for the best people to do their best work by:

  • recruiting and developing the best people in the industry
  • supporting a culture of high reward for high performance
  • ensuring good communication and employee involvement
  • maintaining a diverse and healthy workforce

Improving access to medicines

We are finding innovative ways to bring medicines, vaccines and health education to patients in all countries, including those suffering from epidemics and neglected diseases.

GSK at a Glance

Did you know?

  • Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer
  • We are a research-based pharmaceutical company
  • Many of our consumer brands are household names: Panadol, Macleans, Horlicks, Lucozade, Sensodyne, Zovirax and Ribena
  • We are the only pharmaceutical company to tackle the three "priority" diseases identified by the World Health Organization: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria
  • Our business employs over 100,000 people in 117 countries
  • We make almost four billion packs of medicines and healthcare products every year
  • Over 15,000 people work in our research teams to discover new medicines
  • We supply one quarter of the world's vaccines and by the end of February 2007 we had 23 vaccines in clinical development
  • In 2006 our global community investment was £302 million, 3.9% of profit before tax

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